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Darry the Life Saver Frank V. Webster

Darry the Life Saver

Frank V. Webster

ISBN : 9788132008293
264 pages
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 About the Book 

Frank V. Webster was the author of The Boy from the Ranch- or, Roy Bradners City Experiences (1909), The Young Treasure Hunter- or, Fred Stanleys Trip to Alaska (1909), The Young Firemen of Lakeville- or, Herbert Dares Pluck (1909), Jack, the Runaway (1909), Bob the Castaway- or, The Wreck of the Eagle (1909), Comrades of the Saddle- or, The Young Rough Riders of the Plains (1910), The Boys of Bellwood School- or, Frank Jordans Triumph (1910), Bob Chesters Grit- or, From Ranch to Riches (1911), Airship Andy (1911), The High School Rivals (1911), Darry the Life Saver- or, The Heroes of the Coast (1911), Dick the Bank Boy- or, A Missing Fortune (1911), Ben Hardys Flying Machine (1911), The Boys of the Wireless (1912), Harry Watsons High School Days (1912), The Boy Scouts of Lenox- or, The Hike Over Big Bear Mountain (1915), Tom Taylor at West Point (1915), Cowboy Dave- or, The Round-Up at Rolling River (1915), Two Boys of the Battleship (1915) and Jack of the Pony Express- or, The Young Rider of the Mountain Trails (1915).