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This Case Sucks: A Hackers Heart Novel Olivia L. Strom

This Case Sucks: A Hackers Heart Novel

Olivia L. Strom

Kindle Edition
117 pages
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 About the Book 

”Vampires? Everyone in this club is a vampire?” Heart gasped, staring up at the pale woman standing over her. Her question was answered with a nod…Police lieutenant Leah Heart feels like her troubles are never over. New corpses keep turning up in her morgue, looking even paler than usual - and according to the coroner, they’ve been drained of blood!Heart’s partner Richard, better known by his hacker moniker Shard, immediately decides that they’re hunting a vampire. Shard is a constant frustration to Heart, asking too many questions and leaping to wild conclusions. Yet somehow, the man remains oddly endearing - and when he asks out Heart on a date, she can’t stop herself from saying yes… but only after the case is solved, of course.Shard’s jumped straight to vampires, but Heart insists that there’s a logical reason. There’s no way that a coven of vampires could be hidden in her city, harvesting victims in secret. But as the duo digs in deeper, a stunning truth is revealed:Vampires exist - and they’re not hiding any longer…New reader? Start with Claws of the Killer, the first book in the Hackers Heart series!