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Axon Raiders Antonia Childs

Axon Raiders

Antonia Childs

Published October 14th 2013
Kindle Edition
179 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tully has spent his whole life as an Axon Raider and thought he had come to the end of his career. He expected he would spend the rest of his life riding the boundary and living peacefully at Axon. It’s such an inconvenience when things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Set in a world which has collapsed Axon Raider follows Tully as he goes on an adventure, beginning with a search for a mystery clan. What he finds is more than a new clan to raid. He is forced to challenge his ways and his understanding of the world.Nothing challenges Tully more than Jasmine. She is wise, knowledgeable and seems able to do anything, until she herself is challenged. She has grown up with the world of ideas and what is possible, so she thought. Was it really possible that a clan of raiders could become her best friends? Both Tully and Jasmine benefit from the wise council of Michael of St Catherine’s and Jock of the Burkan. Together they discover how the other clans live, how they think and the things they must learn to live together. They must use all their skill and knowledge to face the Colonel and his seemingly all powerful clan.Axon Raiders is an intriguing journey through a world which has evolved after our world collapses. The system we live under fails to cope with climate change and the economy can’t adapt. This change leads to a primitive and sometimes gloomy world, full of people who have adapted to this strange new world but remain human. It is a world with as much freedom as you dare to accept. A world where friends are friends and enemies can wipe you out in a morning’s work.